Monday, March 2, 2009

The Miracle of Birth!

I got to experience it, as a third party anyways.
One of my my best friends, Krista, gave birth Sunday morning to a beautiful baby boy!
I was able to be there and witness it and wow. it never ceases to amaze me. ever.

We tried various methods of old wives tales to get her to go into labor friday..we made her walk up stairs..she drank a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar...she squatted, she bounced on her bed, she jumed up and down..she wouldn't however gallop and let us video her. pansy. she wouldn't gallop at all..
but her 4 year old got a kick out of this youtube video..

We did god did we laugh...
we tried accupressure points on her thumb, ankle and hand..nothin.
SO, after she was exhausted beyond belief, we called it quits.
Saturday she came in to work and got a Pedi..I made it last 2 hours :) she soaked her feet, we removed callouses, we scrubbed them w/ a sugar scrub, did a clay foot masque..and massaged, in which I also did the accupressure points to hopefully help her go into labor...
we polished her toes and she went home to relax more!

Later that night I went to a scrapbooking event, and was doing some pages when I checked my phone & saw that Nicole had called..she was to call me when Krista went into labor..EEEEKKKKK..I called her back and yes indeed-y Krista's water broke!
SO, after I squealed like a 6 year old girl..I gathered my stuff and off I went..drove like a MANIAC to meet Nicole..(srsly. I broke many traffic laws).. we drove her car down to the hospital...
we were both exhausted, she has only about 3 hrs of sleep the night before and I had been up since 6:30 was 11:30/12 at this point..but once that adrenaline hit, wow. I was awake and hyped up..
we got there and she was in triage, so we waited till she got a room and joined her..
they gave her Pitocin to strengthen her ctrx, they were weak and not very regular...
Mark (the baby's dad..) was there and he had *just* taken a muscle relaxer for a sore back when she called him that her water had broken, so he was tired..the staff got her all settled in and she told him to take a he did...and he snores. alot. kinda loud. I offered up my iced tea bottle for her to throw at his head, but she didn'

We sat around and talked...watched infomercials..Nancy Grace (wow that woman is abrasive..) then she was ready for the epi by 3...after she got that and was all settled in again, we came back'd more..watched the newer version of King King w/ the sound off..and let me say that movie SUCKS, out loud. it was much better w the sound off...tho we there was NO way to follow the story line. it had none.
the most surreal part of it was the T-rex's....WTF? how did T-rex's end up in a King Kong movie?? not just one, 2 and possibly 3 of them...
AND they must have an affinity for Skinny White Woman flesh coz they kept chasing her all over the island..I was thinking that there had to be more meaty prey on that island than her....
so then Kong decides he likes her..and he saved her from the T Rex's...
and eventually they came back for her and Kong killed them...not JUST killed them, but broke their jaws as he killed them..THAT was just, but gross..
Needless to say, I wouldn't waste 2 hrs of my life to watch that movie w/ the sound on...but I bet the experience would be better if you were smoking a the sound OFF that is..

OK, back to the labor! at about 5:30 she was feeling something, pressure or whatever, no pain, but the nurse came in...cathed her (I would have had a UTI in about 10 second from that!!) and realized she was ready to push!
SO they got the Dr from wherever Dr's go while waiting on deliveries, and got the party started!
They wouldnt allow 3 people to be there for the delivery, so Nicole oh so graciously allowed me to remain..I love her :) she is awesome...
so they got her all ready to go...broke the bed down, the mirror and lights ready..and she started seriously took like 3 pushes and the last one was long b/c the DR allowed the baby's head to slowly ease out so she wouldn't tear..
Mark was a tad grossed I made sure he looked at the head coming out..
he made it thru the labor quite well..
Jonah Thomas was born at 5:57 am...6lbs 5 ozs and 20.5 inches long..
the after birth did Mark had to get some air..Nicole came back in and we all oooooo'd and ahhhh' over the bubba..he is so sweet...looks like his daddy! and has a TON of dark wavy hair..
he also has webbed toes! his second and third toes are webbed! its kinda weird, kinda cute!!
he nurses like a champ :)
Mamma Krista did so well and has a much deserved 2-3 day vaca at the hospital..

I so want to be a Doula, it is a dear dear wish of mine..someday..when my kids are older and more self sufficient...