Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday!

I was thinking last night on my way home from work..I saw a car w/ a burned out headlight, and thought "PIDDIDLE!"
anyone else remember those??
If you saw one, you could get a free kiss from your man?
and if you saw a burned out tail light..well, that was something ELSE *wink wink*

THAT got me on a train of thought about stuff from child hood..
Friendship Pins.. I had a bunch of those, and may *still* have a few stashed somewhere..


Friendship bracelets? they were made with embroidery floss and knotted to make a bracelet in various would attach them to a safety pin, and then the pin to your jeans to work on your craft ant any given opportunity..math class was always a

jelly shoes, of course, but it sucked when your feet got seaty..

off the shoulder shirts, I had one that was pink, and had a picture of a cat on the front w/ glitter accenting god I thought that was the BOMB.

JEANS skirts...I remember my first one..awesome..

I also pegged my jeans, had acid washed jeans w/ zippers at the ankle in the back, and little bows above the zippers...friggin high fashion

what do you remember from the 80's/early 90's??