Monday, March 9, 2009

Minor Annoyances

it brings out my annoyances...and Dear Internet you get to listen..whether you like it or not!!

There is a new commercial for Comcast cable..and it ANNOYS me so took me a few days to decide I hate it..but I do. Here watch it

Oh and I forgot the tune is one that STICKS IN YOUR MIND like industrial glue...thank me later...heh...

was reading some trash magazines today at work..and wow. I saw something that was just sad...and so telling about young Hollywood..
Hayden Panettiere says that Paris Hilton is her HERO.
just sad...
OK enough about that..I know, I know 10 seconds of your life you won't ever get back..but I had to share...

ALSO, did you know they are doing a Star Trek Remake?
WHY oh WHY do they need to do that...wasn't it cheesy enough the first time around?
granted I am a Trekkie to some degree, I am more of a TNG fan myself..but why re-do it..ugh.

Also, Jerry Seinfeld is doing a Reality Marriage show..
would YOU take marriage advice from JERRY SEINFELD??
NOT for me thanks...
It's called the Marriage Ref


The sad thing?
Reality TV will NEVER ever go away. ever.

Also, am PMSing it..which makes me wanna EAT everything that is not nailed down.srsly.